Voices From The Global Movement Of People Who Use Drugs

For anybody there who has wondered just what drug user activism is….watch this

For any parent who thinks because their child uses drugs or is on a treatment prescription, that their life is effectively over…watch this

For any drug user who believes they are worth it, that their community is unique, and that their friends are worth saving, watch this – and if you dont -then you must watch this.

For all those people who never thought drug users could or would amount to anything – you owe us to watch this.

Have a look at some of the people, in some of the places around the world who have come together to talk about drug user activism, their incredible achievements, the massive obstacles they constantly tackle, bravely, beautifully and often with very little but their deeply felt belief that by saving each other, we are saving ourselves from the damage the war on drugs inflicts on our communities every day.

Australia’s National Drug User Organisation AIVL, (do NOT miss their excellent website) who are a truly supreme example of some world class user activism come good, have put together this really brilliant film, its only 14minutes long, not much time out of your life to see some positive images of people who use drugs; there are many more like this out there, if we would only choose to look again, not judge, not stereotype, not lap up the media cliches, but take a different approach and stop to see just what these amazingly dedicated people are doing for their communities.

Published on 29 Jul 2014; The Film ‘We Are Drug Users – Voices From The Global Movement Of People Who use Drugs’ was launched at “Through the Eye of the Needle – A Celebration of Drug User Activism” event at the 2014 International AIDS Conference in Melbourne.

NOTE: After over two decades of extremely hard work and excellent peer education and community involvement, AIVL and affiliated user organisations around Australia have overseen one of the lowest rates of HIV infection among the injecting community in the world, and have been a model of best practice throughout this time. Yet the current Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, a fundementalist christian no less, is actively working against this incredible network wanting to dismantle over 2 decades of seemingly insurmountable progress and innovation in the field of community, government and global user activism. SHAME ON YOU TONY ABBOTT, SHAME ON YOU!

INPUD stands beside AIVL in solidarity and against bigotry, ignorance, and small minded politicians all over the world and we wish them every success in their fight to survive the conservative christian tide currently swamping Australia.

Film Title: We Are Drug Users – Voices From The Global Movement Of People Who use Drugs’

Subscribe to AIVLS own TV Station, click this link


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2 Responses to Voices From The Global Movement Of People Who Use Drugs

  1. hamdyalex3 says:

    Hamdy Abdel Moneim Hussein Abualhmed From Egypt I am living with HIV for more than 10 years I work with volunteer groups most casually with civil society organizations in my country And attended many international conferences and workshops to curb the spread of the virus and work to advocate and support people living and raise their stigma and excellence I was hooked in the past more than 17 years, and now ten recuperative ten years ago and I join in the reduction of the spread of drugs and work to combat I want to join you to gain more experiences and the transfer of all that is new to my country I would like to participate in the workshops have provided me with the skills and gain more friction with international organizations and thank you very much.


    • Erin says:

      Thanks Hamndy, it would be great to have you as a member of INPUD, in fact their is a sister organisation for the middle East and North African region can MENANPUD, but go to our website and click Membership’ and sign up to become a member and we look forward to sharing information!


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