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Last Calls on Methadone…Russia’s in Charge

Igor on the situation for drug users in the Crimea post Russian referendum Continue reading

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A neat analysis of the mood and motivations at this year’s CND

Just thought I would add a rather succinct analysis of the recent High Level Sessions at the Commission for Narcotic Drugs (CND). It is by Kasia Malinowska – Sepruch, a blogger for the Huff Post – and dear readers, director … Continue reading

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The People and the Power

The fight for the heart of Ukraine. (AP Photo/Andres Kudacki) It may not be a great leap to suggest that many Europeans woke up last week to a growing sense of anxiety and foreboding about the situation unfolding in Ukraine. … Continue reading

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Why UNDP must get up to date on drug use, the law and human rights

Why UNDP needs to get its act together on human rights and the pursuit of the war on drugs. Written by: Eliot Ross Albers Executive Director, International Network of People who Use Drugs Helen Clark, Administrator of the United Nations Development … Continue reading

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INPUD heads off!….to the UNODC.

A note first from INPUD: Before we get into details of the event, please consider this beautifully succinct insight into where the world stands at this crucial juncture in the never ending war on drugs -and the people who use them. And … Continue reading

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