New Publication for Women Injectors

WOMENwhoInject_HIV_specficNeedsPOLICY_BRIEF2014 poppy4Here is a link to an excellent newly released briefing jointly published by INPUD, UNODC’s HIV team, and UN Women looking at the particular challenges facing women who use drugs, and making concrete recommendations for service providers on the realisation of gender equality and human rights in harm reduction programming. Written by WHRIN founder and INPUD /INWUD member Ruth Birgin

Excerpt: To date, inadequate attention has been given to rectifying gender inequalities in harm reduction programming. Strategies and policies are urgently needed to address this gap as a first step towards improving the safety, health and well-being of women who inject drugs. Additional approaches should also be developed and implemented to provide comprehensive health, social and legal services that reach them and their sexual and drug-using partners. To be effective, such approaches should be based on evidence and human rights standards.

These steps are necessary not only for women who inject drugs, but also more broadly for communities and societies. Failure to adequately respond to the needs of this invisible and highly vulnerable population has harmful consequences for the health of the individuals themselves as well as for public health overall.

 The document is called:

Women who Inject Drugs and HIV; Addressing Specific Needs



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