Women and Drugs

Here is where we aim to bring together a collection of fascinating, useful and insightful documents, blogs, publications, etc – on women who use drugs and the issues affecting them. If you have a document that you think is a must read – or is perhaps a critical piece of legislation, convention, goal post change or important surge forward – please let us know via the comment box and we can add it here for others internationally to utilise.

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Women, Pregnancy and Drug Use; the Facts not the Hysteria. 

Pregnancy 21 weeks

Pregnant women still under attack (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Science and Medical Leaders Urge Media to End Inaccurate Reporting on Prescription Opiate Use by Pregnant Women. New York, March 13, 2013 – More than 40 leading United States and international medical and psychological researchers and experts released a letter to media outlets and policy makers urging evidence-based coverage on the issue of prescription opiate use by pregnant women. For years  pregnant women who have used drugs have been deprived of their fundamental rights and had their maternal, fetal, and child’s health undermined by the kind of journalistic reporting that is not based on science. Not only has this been clearly fueled by a moral outrage that has no place in objective, responsible journalism but it has also had far more damaging consequences as it has enabled numerous counterproductive policies and laws to flourish, such as the ability in some US States to charge pregnant women with attempted murder for drug positive urine tests.

The 40 eminent doctors and researchers who collaborated in the release of this consensus statement urge that the media stop inaccurate and alarmist reporting on the subject. They joined together to challenge “reporting that, very literally, threatens the lives, health, and safety of children. NAPW (National Advocates for Pregnant Women)  Board Member and international expert on methadone treatment, Dr. Robert Newman, spearheaded this effort. You can read the edited version here or –  The full version here;  Please share this important information with your friends, colleagues, organizations, and elected representatives.


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