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The lives behind the diagnosis

Here is a bit of interesting information from the world of HIV and drug / alcohol use. From October 2007 through to April 2010, researchers conducted a cross-sectional analysis of participants looking at HIV’s Evolution in Russia; called Mitigating Infection … Continue reading

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Tanzania, TaNPUD and Susan

To add to the East African blogs, I could not finish it without creating a special place here for a wonderful woman I met from Tanzania; You know when you meet someone and you know they don’t really know just … Continue reading

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Lithuania welcomes INPUD members at the International Harm Reduction Conference 2013

It is that time again where drug user activists from all around the world, INPUD members included, are drawn together to present, discuss, debate  and deliberate on harm reduction, at the bi-annual International Harm Reduction Conference, organised by Harm reduction … Continue reading

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Drug User Activism and Organising, Nordic Style

Hello fellow drug enthusiasts, here is something you might find interesting! Ever wondered what drug user organisations actually do? I mean it might seem obvious to some, but to those outside the drugs field (or even some people within it!) … Continue reading

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INPUD’s New Director Speaks on the Portugal Perspective

“Decriminalization saves lives and money!” Jorge Roque, recently appointed as INPUD’s new director, speaks during UNAIDS PCB in Geneva, on the Portuguese experience of decriminalization over the last decade. 15 Dec 2011 by INPUD on Friday, 16 December 2011 at 02:32   … Continue reading

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