Remembrance Page

For all those activists that worked hard, stood out loud and proud, or fought the battle silently. Those who supported from the sidelines to help others do their work, those who were killed, imprisoned or murdered for the cause.

This is a roll to remember our activists who have died, the loud and proud, the quiet, the powerful, the local, the national, – well, we know who they are… here is a chance to keep them part of our history.

Email your remembrance in the comments box below and it will be added in as soon as possible. To all those who fought for peace, we will carry the flame forward.

Christopher Drouet: 1949-2009 Co founder of UKs Black Poppy Magazine, A writer and recorder of British counter culture, chef, artist, partaker of fine substances, friend and soulmate, and old school. He will be dearly, painfully missed. A part of the early days of the UKs HR movement.

Lorna Price, Died, May 2009. A truely beautiful person, kind hearted, thoughtful, sunny and compassionate. The world lost a fabulous women, she was an asset to the world, a beautiful friend, mother, daughter, woman , advocate, activist, volunteered at Black Poppy UK and Methadone Alliance UK and as a patient advocate in her hospital. RIP darling Lorna Price.

Alan Joyce: Died May 2013: A true gentleman, family man, old school activist, and incredibly smart and eloquent writer, Alan expertly ran the e-list and FaceBook page of the National User Network in the UK for many years (amongst other things re NUN)  as well as being a cherished INPUD member.


5 Responses to Remembrance Page

  1. Gary Meyerhoff 1975 – 2006- a brilliant activist, a leading member of NAP in the northern territories, Australia- one of the nicest and bravest persons I ever knew- with other NAP members stormed the NT seat of government to protest at their harsh drug house laws- born in the UK but an ozzy thru and thru- a fighter to the end- the world is a sadder place without him.


  2. Nicky Simonson says:

    1964 – 1998
    Brother, Son, Father – I miss him always.
    Nick, go easy, step lightly, stay free!


  3. Steve Freer says:

    Nichol John Ware who passes on 18/2 13 but whose friends & family only found out from the inquest on the 2/6/14 that a verdict of death from a methadone OD was recorded. I think this is bull for we don’t know so blame it on the drugs. Sleep well Nick


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