Remembrance Day Event Information

 July 21st is a day to remember.

Here is a brief statement you are welcome to use for your day or to help guide you in creating your own statement and/or add statistics and local details to create a press release to get media attention to raise awareness of the day, if you so wish. There is noting wrong with a very private day either. It is your day for your peers. This page will provide information on how you can create an event- from small and intimate, to larger and awareness raising… Why should drug users have their own remembrance day? This is not the average day of mourning created by parents and friends of those who have died from drugs.  This is a day where we can celebrate who we are, who we lost, be part of the process we were often excluded from, and remember our friends with dignity, honesty, love and celebration. We are here to honour their lives, not to deny the existence of their drug using careers.

July 21st

The names and incidents of the many casualties of the War on Drugs will never really be known. International Remembrance Day is dedicated to those people, known and unknown,  who have died in the war against drugs and drug users. It is a time when the drug using community can remember and pay tribute to our friends and loved ones; for the funerals we couldn’t attend, for the deaths that no one acknowledged, for the moment we never got to say goodbye. It is to remember those we know, and those we don’t – from our villages, towns and  cities, in the UK and across the world. The vast majority of these deaths are not just deaths from drugs, but from the laws of prohibition and the pervasive ignorance and stigma that blindly follows.  Those who have died from unregulated, adulterated drugs as a result of today’s black market. Those who have been criminalized or incarcerated because of their addiction only to overdose upon release; Those who have died from drug related infections through poverty or discrimination in our hospitals; To those who die in prisons from disease, violence and the many state sanction executions (such as Singapore, Burma and China), or from vigilante death squads like in Thailand and Brazil; Those who have died from the viruses transmitted due to a Drug War mentality which actively discourages and even criminalizes needle exchange and drug treatment programs such as in the USA and Russia. To those who defy the laws to obtain their medicine or drug of choice, who get caught in the crossfire of heavily armed drug raids or gang wars due to the profit motive of  illegal drugs, To those who give up hope or who gave up the struggle, to those who couldn’t fight anymore. To those who died in poverty, and alone. July 21st is the day when all across the world,

We will carry our torch of dignity and hope and remember our friends.

This day is for us and our friends,  the people who use/used drugs and it must always be led by us.    2007: Information, text and pictures about the 21st July from several countries around the world 


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