Position Statements

scale of justice

Here is an evolving list of INPUD’s Position Statements and Papers  -(INPUD has a handful of these papers and each one will be put up here of the coming week -check back soon, Jan 30th 2012)

Position Statements

A full Swedish Scrabble set.

1) TERMINOLOGY: INPUD Position statement on language, identity, inclusivity and discrimination” (Draft Ver. 2.1)  INPUD recognises that language cannot be regulated and that context can transform a term that is used to oppress into one through which emancipation is pursued. Just as the reclaiming of the label ‘queer’ by LGBT activists and feminists was an assertion of power, empowered drug users may sometimes elect to refer to themselves as ‘junkies’. This reclaiming of language can be a highly effective political tool. Ordinarily, however, language that may denigrate, is best avoided and the following terms are preferred...(for the contents of this position paper click here)

2) Position Statement on issue of Death Penalty for Drug Offences: click here for copy of document.


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