Links to International Orgs

Useful Links and Organisations

Here are a helpful list of links to websites that are affiliated to INPUD or that we feel could useful to members and those interested in the issues of drug policy reform, public health and harm reduction, drug user groups and networks, sex worker networks, newsgroups, and other relevant organisations and sites.

Please leave a comment and link below if you think your site should be listed here. Please be patient as we will be continually be updating this page.

Drug Policy

  • International Drug Policy Consortium We are a global network of NGOs and professional networks that come together to promote objective and open debate on drug policy issues at the national and international level.
  • Harm Reduction International – HRI is the leading organisation in promoting evidence based harm reduction policies and practices on a global basis for all psychoactive substances (including illicit drugs, tobacco and alcohol).



3 Responses to Links to International Orgs

  1. hi friends, you forgot to introduce the german jes network. jes celebrate his 20 anniversary this year. about 25 local jes groups work together for legalisation, antiprohibition and for a humane life with drugs. jes means junkies, ex-user and substituierte( people in methadon treatment)
    ths is the homepage
    if you take alook at the link “photogalerie” you´ll find many photos oft the 20th anniversary of jes, the IHRC in belfast and much more.


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  3. Erin O'Mara says:

    Hi Dirk – I have moved it over to the drugs orgs page so its now on there with all the international/national drug orgs xx


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