Drug User Organisations

Organisations run by and for people who use drugs, around the globe.

If you have an organisation that you feel should be mentioned here – please use the reply box below and post us your details and a short explanation on what your group does.

  • ASUD – The French Organisation for Drug Users /HIV The French organisation that works to support the reduction in risk to people who use drugs. ASUD produces the excellent French drug user publication called ASUD, and the website is packed with information on a wide range of harm reduction, drug and drug policy issues. ASUD hosts a very popular online forum and the whole site is constantly updated. In French only.
  • Australian Injecting and Illicit Drug Users’ League (AIVL). AIVL is the national peak organisation representing Australian State and Territory-based Drug User Organisations and issues of national significance for illicit drug users. Wide range of health and harm reduction information, publications, Junkmail Magazine, forums, news, detailed Hep C info, drug policy information, access to state based drug user orgs and more.
  • BrugerForeningen – The Danish Drug Users Union The Danish Drug Users Unions official website, with news, reports, harm reduction, treatment information, guest writers and bloggers, opiate museum and national drug news. Supported the formation of sister Scandinavian orgs. Website in both English and Danish.
  • Jes network  – in Germany. Jes celebrates its 20th anniversary this year (2009). About 25 local Jes groups work together for legalisation, anti prohibition and for a humane life with drugs. Jes includes and represents junkies, ex-users and people in methadone/substitution treatment. They produce a fabulous magazine regularly and are a strong force in the German and European scene.
    this is their homepage http://www.jes-netzwerk.de
    If you take a look at the link “photogalerie” you´ll find many photos oft the 20th anniversary of jes, the IHRC in Belfast and much more, particularly their yearly extremely well supported and advocated International Remembrance Day on July 21st.
  • KOLODETZ http://www.drugpolicy.ru/ An advocacy organization with the main goal to defend rights of people affected by drug epidemic and drug policy in Russia: active and former drug users, people with HIV/AIDS, their families, and youth in general. Our ethical principles are based on the respect of human rights, priority of social and public health needs over the ones of law enforcement, and harm reduction approach.
  • Méta d’Âme is an organisation of current and former methadone patients and drug users, operating in Montreal, Quebec. They have a French/English Magazine for the using community called ‘Metaphor’, are behind a unique housing project by and for people who have drug issues, and campaign for more accessible and humane drug treatment. At the moment, this site is in French only.
  • Svenskabrukarforeningen – Swedish Drug Users Union The National Union for Swedish drug users, and parent organisation to associated groups within Sweden such as Stockholm, Halmstad, and Gotland. Tackling issues such as severe lack of needle exchange provision and regular violations of the human rights of the drug using community and those in drug treatment. A powerful lobby group who have made huge headway against grave odds.
  • UHO – Croatian Drug Users Group Croatia’s self help drug users organisation with a website covering a wide range of drug user specific health, drug and harm reduction information. In Croatian.
  • VANDU- The Vancouver Area Network of Drugs Users (VANDU) is a group of users and former users who work to improve the lives of people who use illicit drugs through user-based peer support and education. They have fought tirelessly to push for heroin prescribing and drug consumption rooms, tackling court, shutdowns, and crippling ill health and HIV epidemics. Tireless campaigners.
  • WYZWOLENIE: Krakow Association of Substitution Patients Also known as LIBERATION, WYZWOLENIE is run by users and people on drug treatment, who are working voluntarily to make the human rights of drug users more visible and understandable to people who use drugs, health professionals and government. “Liberation” lobby for substitution treatment and to improve the social situation for those in and out of treatment; and aim for better engagement and cooperation with the management of treatment programs. In Polish but with translation available on site. Liberation are proud to be the first Drug User Org in Eastern Europe.

21 Responses to Drug User Organisations

  1. beck says:

    Seattle Users Union

    San Francisco Users Union



  2. Yvonne says:

    PERFORMA – Central Java Network of People who Use Drugs


  3. Yvonne says:

    NGOCHE – Central Java DU Magazine


  4. a movement of civil society in Banten Indonesia who are fighting for rights, empowerment, and encourage the formation of a regulation and a more humane policy drug users to see drug users as victims of the illicit traffic of narcotics and not offenders.


  5. Dr. Isaac Jackson Ph.D says:

    The web site for the San Francisco Drug Users’ Union:


  6. HardCore Communty says:

    We are Hard Core Community who based on Peoples who Actively using Drug, Our concerning is to stand for the rights of Peoples who used Drug be freely eligible to use Drug as the choices without any distraction from any legal institution or UN body, because our philosophy is Nice peoples is taking Drug, so free drug atmosphere should be created any where in entire world cause drug not kill but behavior is the matters.
    Life have no color without drug involved, So enjoyed a life with Drug any where any time.

    Hadi Yusfian
    Hardcore community initiator



    La criminalización, prisión, estigmatización de los/as usuarios/as de drogas y la clandestinidad de su consumo que contribuye a ocasionar y potenciar daños. Y también otros problemas directamente causados por la prohibición, como la violencia social y policial.En la experiencia local los procesos sociales de exclusión se han agudizado de manera que en los extremos de este proceso social se reproducen formas salvajes de extinciónRADAUD ES EL RESULTADO DE LA SUMA DE EXPERIENCIAS Y SABERES DE USUARIOS/AS DE DROGAS, que en mas de 15 años de activismo. Vivimos las reformas punitivas, y criminales hacia nosotros/as. Objetivos: Luchar contra las representaciones del imaginario social más estereotipantes y segregativas de los usuarios de drogas- Despenalizar la tenencia simple y consumo de Drogas para uso personal- Difusión de Estrategias Políticas antidiscriminatorias, con respecto a medidas políticas de salud, DDHH y trabajo – Fomentar la capacitación y participación activa de UD (usuarios/as) en estrategias para la elaboración, direccion y ejecución de proyectos en reducción de daños.


  8. freedom says:

    All drug use needs to be legalised and regulated. Check Transforms website and Blue Print for the future. i.e cannabis sold in cafes (like tobacco) heroin on perscription or similar. The black market has corrupted legetimate business, and government alike. Anyone who opposes either doesnt understand or is on the take!!!!


  9. JAMES says:

    I tried to sign up on inputs website but wouldn’t take my code at bottom of form. James


  10. C.Lian Langel says:

    Humanitarian Organization for Progress & Empowerment (HOPE) is a community based organization of injecting drugs user in the Churachandpur, Manipur, India formed in the year 2006.


  11. CASO says:


    In the late 1980s, with the growth of the HIV epidemic, groups of drug users, their friends, family and supporters created in Europe and all over the world associations of drug users and people living with HIV / AIDS.

    These associations were implementing many innovative projects to educate and give a voice to drug users, helping and contributing to the decrease in the rate of HIV infections in the countries where they come from and fighting to ensure their rights.

    One of the founders of this civic movement is Gerard Theo Van Dam, a Dutchman who helped found more than fifty associations of drug users only on the European continent. Was his visit to our country in May 2007 that inspired us to create the group CASO (Associated Users Survive United.).

    As a membership organization, the is uniquely positioned to respond to the topics relevant to drug users. The participation of our members and peers who use or have used drugs is critical to our organization.

    We are the first association of users and former drug users in Portugal, formalized in April 2010.

    – The C.A.S.O. was born of the effort and dedication of a group that aims to fight stigma and prejudice associated with people who use drugs.

    – We, as an Association, we are uniquely positioned to respond to the topics relevant to drug users.

    Our Mission:

    Promote health, rights and dignity of people who use drugs, particularly those who inject.

    Our Principles:

    – Collaboration with users and former users.

    – Open with the users and their experiences.

    – Transparency.

    – Ethical behavior.

    – Courage

    – Critical attitude


  12. Mandu Manitoba Area Network of Drug User’s in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada .


  13. Greetings from Greece,
    We are a new association, we are the
    “Drug Users Union of Greece (& substitution program members)”
    We are active as a union less than a year, and we are trying to defend the rights of people who use drugs, to promote harm reduction policies and antiprohibition, and, more or less, everything that INPUD and other Drug Users Unions worldwide are doing (under the sircumstanses in Greece of course…)
    You can contct us :

    Our email : okanatherapevomenoigr@gmail.com
    Phone nr. : +30 6996360135
    SMS : +30 6936828235
    Postal adress : Drug Users Union of Greece
    Papaflessa str. number 6
    Athens, 14121

    We are at : http://www.okanatherapevomenoi.blogspot.gr (if you can reed Greek)….


  14. UISCE says:

    UISCE (Union for Improved Services, Communication & Education)
    53 Parnell Square West, Dublin 1, Ireland
    We are an drug user organisation based in Dublin, Ireland. Our main function is to articulate as best we can, the issues affecting people who use drugs towards informing and changing policy and practice. We produce and distribute a newsletter: Brass Munkie. We are affiliated to INPUD


  15. L’ADDICQ (Association pour la Défense des Droits et l’Inclusion des personnes qui Consomment des drogues du Québec) regroupe des personnes qui consomment des drogues et leurs alliéEs de partout à travers le Québec. Nous comptons plus de 400 militants répartis en 5 régions : Abitibi, Estrie, Montréal, Outaouais et Québec. Nous luttons pour faire en sorte que nos voix soient entendues dans le but d’améliorer nos conditions de vie. Nos chevaux de bataille incluent : dénoncer la répression policière, revendiquer l’accès aux soins de santé et réclamer l’inclusion des personnes qui consomment des drogues dans les processus de décision qui les concernent.


    • Erin says:

      Wow! Thans for this update! We know about Méta d’Ame (who have a french/english user mag called Metadone), and they are a Canadian french and english org that has even started a housing projject for drug users! Like supported housing till they get on their feet. All run by drug users, its fantastic. I highly recommend getting in touch if your interested. Guy PIerre is the main man there. Thanks! We will check out your info as well! best of luck, INPUD x


  16. Is there a drug user union in Portugal?


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