INPUD’s Exec Director Talks Sense on SKY NEWS

Why oh why do the media always have to put on a drug user activist with a parent who has gone through the tragedy of a child dying? It does little to help the debate – it can be extremely difficult to have to talk to a parent in a few minutes flat, who has lost their child in an overdose situation, just why criminalizing drugs is endangering all our kids even more so; criminalisation isolates, marginalizes, criminalises, discriminates and destroys beautiful lives; Yet try as we might to get away from the emotional and moral arguments so we can discuss these issues on TV rationally, calmly and in a civilised and evidenced based way – every time the media want to wheel out a tragedy of a parent who has lost their child. We all feel very deeply for their plight – for Goddsake their kids are our friends, lovers, mothers etc. We lose them too. Do people really think we just all want to get stoned at the expense of our dear friends and loved ones??

This video however, shows INPUD exec director Eliot Albers on SKY along with DrugFam founder Elizabeth Burton-Phillips who lost her son, talk about the UK governments recent report that they tried to quash, which said conclusively that the war on drugs is not working and this issue must be addressed for the sake of all of our children, loved ones and society – now and in the future. Im glad to say Eliot came out clearly, even the SKY reporter seemed to understand the issue. Elizabeth however, as much as we feel and understand deeply her grief and her position, is not, I’m sad to say, doing much to help the kids of all the other parents out there still using drugs. The evidence is in -its been in for years and years, over and over and over – why oh why is the media still so slow in presenting the issue honestly?

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