Australia’s Favourite Mag for Users’ Leads the Way in Digital E-zines; AND the History of Aussie Drug User Activism goes on Record

NUAA's User's Voice, Digitized and interactive

NUAA’s User’s Voice, Digitized and interactive

The new specially digitized edition of the famous drug user magazine ‘User’s News’  is finally ready for the world to read and love all over again, just like the first time when the hard copy of User’s News hit Sydney’s streets !

But this will also be a first for the Aussies -they have received this gift at the same time as the rest of the world – access to NUAA’s (NSW’s Users / AIDS Association)  first fully digital drug user magazine!

But it ain’t quite right just saying ‘digital, coz many online magazines call themselves digital just for the fact of being online. But Users News is actually ‘interactive’ – as 72, yes that’s right SEVENTY TWO whole colour pages are all full up with loads of interesting coverage on a whole range of drug related topics and personal stories. And, okay while that might be typical of NUAA, (they are always a good read) this time, you can now click on colour pictures that become talking videos, links that take you to even more interesting stuff, and all those short clips and talking videos that complement articles – it really is terrific and a clear showing of the way forward in how to make online magazines interesting again.

Cover of NUAA's magazine Users News, availableonlinestill -but now interactive!

Cover of NUAA’s magazine Users News, still available online where youcan access theirentire back catalogue  – but now their terrific mag’s gone interactive!

I urge all of you budding writers and junkie publishers out there, to have a look at this new digitized NUAA issue in the hope that it may give you a blossoming seed of an idea on how to make your drugs health and harm reduction information more interactive and interesting. As harm reduction changes, new chemical drugs emerge along with a different generation of drug users who begin using with each new day, we all need to consider ways to make our health and safety messages more interesting to read and listen to, more understandable and ‘tweet-able’, more attention grabbing and translatable, more bite sized, more diverse and much more noticeable among the rabble of cyberspace information…

So comrades, go forth, read up, and conquer with a glimpse and a peak at the future of online publications…and start thinking what are you going to bring to the table…?

The Digital and Interactive Drug User Magazine, Aussie Style

Go to     and click on the red cover.

Once it is open, you will see a rectangle in the controls to make the mag full screen and you can use the + button to make it larger, than control it with the mouse.

It also works in devices and phones.

Australian Story No. 2….

Annie Madden, drug user activist superwoman!

Annie Madden, drug user activist superwoman!

The History of Drug User Activism in Australia; by an Aussie Activist Superstar

Don’t Miss this!!! If you want to find out the story of drug user activism in Australia by a woman who was not only there but integral to the very essence of active drug users doin’ it for themselves, setting limits in the sky and rockin’ right up to parliament house itself to get the job done – then you cannot miss this production!! Okay, so Ms Madden is probably going to die from embarrassment at this major big up from INPUD, (sorry Annie!) but it has got to be said now and again-that Australia,Canberra in fact, is home to one of the world’s most competent, clever, humble, thoughtful, empathic and understanding female drug user activists; a woman who has been instrumental from the very beginning of today’s international movement – back in the days when drug user activists were few and far between- and certainly they were all mostly male! Annie Madden, such a petite, irish looking lassie has the bite of a 1000 bees! She can present an killer argument, or write a speech that will send shivers down the spines of an audience of straight politicians. Annie has worked, and worked and worked to get AIVL, the Australian Injecting and Illicit Drug Users League, to the top of its game; a role model for drug user organisations around the world, a ‘go to’ place for the government and other drug services. Annie herself is a regular ‘go to’ voice for reviews, research and publications by the United Nations family and World health Organisation amongst many, many others.

I have wanted to pay tribute to Annie Madden for some time, and I certainly don’t think this will suffice in any way (I am telling you readers, this woman is a firebrand! A true role model for the young activist!). Yet I found myself writing this because WHACK; Victoria’s own Drug User Magazine (a slickly produced user made publication well worth reading) had given over an entire magazine to the topic of The Historyof Drug User Activism in Australia, and askedAnnie Madden, the super-cog in the Aussie activist wheel, to write about her years of experience and knowledge around the evolution of the movement – and it is compulsory reading my friends! The History of Drug User Activism in Australia by AIVL’s Chief Exec and Superwoman incarnate, Annie Madden is  now out– so get out your reading specs, sit back with your favourite tipple, and IV the contents of this fabulous issue….

Please click this link for the easy to read online magazine, all about The History of the Drug User Movement in Australia, which you can also print out.

Just One More Word About Ms Madden…!

Australian Injecting & Illicit Drug Users League (AIVL)

OK, so this is going to embarrass Ms Madden even more and I can see her cringing now, but the hell with it! This woman is the kind of woman that gives all women a good name! This woman gives the drug using woman some serious sass, that determined fighting reputation, and still carries the shock of the seriously smart gal! Ijust thought I would add in her bio, just so you all know the pedigree of some of our activists out there!!

Annie Madden is currently the Executive Officer of the Australian Injecting & Illicit Drug Users League (AIVL) which is the national peak body representing state and territory drug user organisations and illicit drug users at the national level. Prior to her current role, Annie was the Co-ordinator of the NSW Users & AIDS Association (NUAA) for six years. She has an honours degree in Social and Political Sciences.

She is on numerous national, Commonwealth Government and research committees including the recently appointed Ministerial Advisory Committee on AIDS, Sexual Health and Hepatitis C and regularly takes extremely effective roles in global United Nation and WHO reviews, committees, global guidance publications and drug related global, evidence based recommendations. She has been working in the areas of illicit drug use, HIV/AIDS and hepatitis for over 14 years, has been an injecting drug user for over 18 years and on methadone for many years also. Annie is one of the world’s most inspiring women user activists who has worked tirelessly day in and day out to challenge the discrimination and human rights violations occurring to people who use drugs. And not just in Australia where she works at the top of her game, going head to head with politicians and Charity heads, doctors and do-gooders, parents and always her peers – drug users, but around the world, wherever she gets the chance to fight against ignorance and discrimination, for women who use drugs, for all of us, of any colourand has made particular inroads in ensuring Australia is consistantly supporting the evolution of the Asian drug user movement and the fabulous empowering story that is the Australian aboriginal drug user movement.

Annie Madden is a woman we should all be proud of and thankful that we are lucky enough to have her on our side. Coz she really is a truly kind and caring person, humble, hard working, smart and emphatic. Thanks for all you’ve done Annie Madden, and all your future will bring. We send you thanks, light and love.

Your friends at INPUD and around the world, those who know you, love you, and those who haven’t yet had the pleasure, thank you.

 NUAA Website


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  1. RADAUD says:

    Toda nuestras historias en acciones! Felicitaciones y Fuerza compañera!


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