Before International Overdose Day there was…..

Before International overdose day on the 31st August there was, of course, International Remembrance Day on 21st July. This is a peer led day where we can remember, celebrate, and pay tribute to our friends and loved ones. Have a look at the page ‘calendar of events’ to see more about IRD and maybe you can remember your mates in a befitting way next year. This video is by the Drug User Organisation, Plataforma Drogológica in Spain (Catalan) which is actually one umbrella organisation for a whole range of drug user orgs. As such this  Remembrance day was made in association with a a large group of associated Spanish drug organisations in a really great collaboration. It is a simple collage of photos in a beautiful Spanish town square area and has a brilliant and rare Lou Reed soundtrack (guess which one?!), which is of course, especially pertinent as our dear Lou died this year of liver cancer…

As the music picks up tempo, you can see people delivering powerful speeches to the crowds, (the audience looks captivated).  You can see displays of many of the global posters created by users around the world for International Remembrance Day, and loads of information is being given out to the crowd. It really looks like they had a lovely day  and engaged the community in a really warm and friendly way. But this is a very serious day as well, and you cannot forget that as they show a big poster sized piece of paper that has dozens and dozens of names written on it, all those who have died in the battle, in the war on drug users.  Then, small white paper bags were put out on the ground, each one with a persons name on it, signifying the place they once had in the world, now gone  – but not forgotten. A great tribute and lovely video. Simple but really meaningful. A great example of how you can put together your own video for a special event like this, when keeping it uncomplicated can really work. Nice one guys.

Click here  for Plataforma Drogológica’s  excellent blog (in Spanish but is easily translatable via Google chrome)

V Memorial Internacional 21 julio 2014 Barcelona Catalunya Plataforma Drogológica

The associations that comprise the Platform Drogològica are:

  • AGRUPA’T (Group of people around the toxic addictions), Lleida.
  • Arsu (Reus Us Useful Association), Tarragona.
  • ASUT (we Useful Association), Barcelona.
  • APDO (Association opioid dependent patients).
  • GRDB (Group Harm Reduction Barcelona).
  • Freckled (Point of Information on Drug Addiction Help Group), L’Hospitalet.

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