Now I did say I’d report back on our excursion into Iboga Nights…

Iboga Nights trailer from John Archer on Vimeo.

Last night, DG and I (see blog below for part one) cruised down to Russell Square in the centre of London, to see his own newly released documentary appear at London’s annual ‘Open City Docs Fest’. Now as I mentioned before, this is no ordinary documentary, by just any ordinary documentary film maker. David eats, sleeps and lives his films and this one was no different.

Iboga Nights, a film that is essentially a sequel to  a previous production filmed some ten years back for the BBC. His first foray into the sometimes bizarre but always intriguing world of ibogaine left him and his many thousands of fans and followers wanting more. It left David with many thousands of pleading, questioning and interrogating correspondence from people across the globe, needing answers to the many questions his film opened up.

Lasts night’s event was an intimate viewing of a film that gripped the attending audience. A Q and A session after the film gave people an opportunity to ask David about the three year project and the characters who took part in the film. Mostly however, people wanted to know what everyone wants to know about Ibogaine; its efficacy as a detoxification agent.

However, it was really interesting to witness most people in the audience being stunned into silence. Such was the effect of the highly contentious subject material and the many parts of the film that were not just highly gripping but were often very hard to watch, it left one feeling they had been on a journey to somewhere they didn’t know existed.

I will review the film after this blog entry but for now, as I have David sitting here in my garden, feeling slightly smug after just discovering his film had been shortlisted for best film out of 900 entries.

Not bad for an old junkie who suffered sidelining in the industry due to his former drug habit.

Over to you David….

” Three years of solid work and research went into the making of this film. I believe that working as a one man band as camera man and director lends a certain to Iboga Nights. I get deeply involved with the characters in the film and I hope this comes across to the viewer. Despite the fact that my voice guides or narrates the film, I feel it never overwhelms the true voice of those taking part in the film. This was essential because the film follows the subjects through one of the most intently personal and often extremely harrowing experiences of their lives. These fascinating individuals who gave me their time and let me into their lives, allowing me to film their most private moments, is what lent a real gravitas to the confusing ibogaine debate.”

David will write his own blog here to talk about how he went about making such a film including crowd-funding through social media in order to finance the film.

Thanks to the very talented David Graham Scott and a special thanks too, to those incredible and courageous drug users who, through their stories and lives laid bare, allow us all a deeper insight into Iboga.

AND GUESS WHAT???!!!! The winner of the Best UK Film Award category in the OPEN CITY DOCS FEST was Iboga Nights, directed by David Graham Scott. Giving the award, the jury said,
“With its spare yet telling portraits of people with desperate addictions, this compelling film brings the audience close to a very important issue.” The jury was also impressed by the strong personal mission of this fearlessly honest filmmaker. YAY David!!!!!

Erin and David.

David’s Vimeo page (where you can see part one to David’s Iboga film)

And a special article written by VICE magazine, interviewing David for more information


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