An Evening with Iboga Nights

Well! Quite a festive evening occurring tonight folks!

The rumble from the jungle of deepest Africa, is tonite in film form. Iboga (the root behind the detox drug ibogaine) has woven its historic storyline year by year, day by enlightening day, into a new documentary  called Iboga Nights.

Ten years prior, the director and narrator of the film David Graham Scott, filmed what could be called part one of the Ibogaine story, Detox or Die (yes, we know it’s a rather dramatic title but it’s a really interesting film), and you can watch as David himself undergoes a real methadone detox on ibogaine, with a guide overseeing his journey.

Tonight, David has invited me to see the sequel, Iboga Nights. Filmed over three years, the film follows several drug users as they undergo ibogaine detoxes while David takes us on a journey to find the answers to the questions ibogaine and its ‘aura’ or scientific reasonings, had left him ruminating on during the last decade.

So, sitting here in my flat, dressed up with somewhere to go (for a change!) I have asked David Graham Scott what he thinks people will make of the film? After all, the audience will be participants in a documentary film festival in central London, people who may, or may not be, miles away from his subject material.

David says paces around my living trying to find the right words.

” Hmm, well, love it or hate it people are probably going to have a strong opinion of this film”.

We will report back, I will try and get David to write a few words himself, but for now, we have got to get our shoes on and grab our coats, and head to the city to see Iboga Nights tonight!




About Erin

Freelance writer and journalist for the global drug user press
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One Response to An Evening with Iboga Nights

  1. Lee Hertel says:

    Can’t wait to hear about the screening, Erin

    Lee Hertel Principal, Lee’s Rig Hub “We’ve got everything but the dope.”

    “Whatever it may bring I will live by my own policies. I will sleep with a clear conscience; I will sleep in peace.” Sinead O’Connor


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