INPUD’s New Page! Dates for your activists calender…

Hi readers,

These are a collection of dates in the months that re occur virtually every year. We have flagged up these days because they are some of, if not the most, important dates in the drug user activists calender. Some are INPUD’s special or preferred events, (there is a handful we try and pay special attention every year) and some are important reoccurring conferences, but all of them are days when we come together as activists and peers and talk, network, present, protest, peform etc.

International Women's Day

A Day like International Womens Day could be a great opportunity to share experiences with political, lobbying feminists while they get to understand women who use drugs can speak for themselves, and they ave a lot to say on a range of issues!

 Please click here for our page of relevent events for your activist calendar and check back as it grows. We will certainly inform you when and where INPUD is directly involved, usually through our blog updates or twitter feeds.

If you want something especially mentioned, please email us your event – via INPUD or in the comment box below. It would need to be of interest to the regional or international activist community and to occur every year or two, or three.

(If it is a national date or event the best method may be for you to raise your own written blog, flagging it up and providing details that we can publish about a month or two before it happens. However, if it is regional or global, and relevant to the drug users cause, we should be able to put it here. Let people know what’s happening in your country and region and help to support, lobby and publicize each others work and cause. And of course, don’t forget to send us pictures and text about the amazing day of protest you had or what you learnt or presented at an interesting conference. We would love to hear from you!

For the calender, click here or title bar at top of page.


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Freelance writer and journalist for the global drug user press
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