Opening Speech by INPUD’s Exec Director at Vilnius HRI Conference

INPUD ED welcome to the International Harm Reduction Conference, Vilnius 2013

Thanks to the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union for their, once again, excellent footage of the HRI conference. Catch there moving, powerful and fascinating short films about the Harm Reduction Conference at Vilnius 2013 -as it covers the cost of the war on drugs, the people affected, the researchers and health professionals, and the politicians and policy makers calling the shots at..
Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I would like to dedicate my opening remarks to a member of our community who made a massive contribution to harm reduction and user activism in both the UK and internationally, was a core member of INPUD, one of my mentors, and my introduction to the movement, namely Alan Joyce who tragically passed this week as a result of liver complications. Alan was an enormous inspiration to all who knew him and his wit and intelligence will be much missed.In my opening remarks I would like to draw attention to what for people who drugs are the key values of harm reduction.

To see the rest of Eliot’s speech, click here.


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