Support. Don’t Punish.

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While we are all at the International Harm reduction conference (see blog below), I shouldn’t miss the opportunity to go over the launch of the Support. Don’t Punish campaign. Set for a global day of action on June the 26th, it is an action INPUD has taken part in formulating and although not quite as ‘direct’ as we might want it, it is still a powerful statement that needs all of our support -especially as our peers are languishing in detention centres all across Asia, suffering torture, rape and abuse, all in the name of ‘treatment’. What can YOU do on the 26th of June to make some noise and draw attention to the myriad of issues surrounding what goes oon under the guise of ‘treatment’ for people who use drugs. Support – don’t punish!

Support. Don’t Punish. is a global advocacy campaign to raise awareness of the harms caused by the criminalisation of people who use drugs. Its aims to:

1. Change laws and policies which impede access to harm reduction interventions for people who use drugs.
2. Raise awareness about the need to stop criminalising (‘punishing’) people for using drugs.
3. Raise awareness about the need for greater funding and attention for essential health services and other ‘support’ for people who use drugs.
4. Promote respect for the human rights of people who use drugs.
5. Engender public support for drug reform.

Support. Don’t Punish. has been conceived by the International HIV/AIDS Alliance, the International Drug Policy Consortium, Harm Reduction International, and the International Network of People Who Use Drugs. It comprises an independent campaign brand and website for people to support, an Interactive Photo Project via social media, events at key international conferences and policy meetings, reports and videos, and a Global Day of Action on the 26th June (the UN’s International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking). The campaign statement was released in March 2012 at the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs, and can be found in this report.

For more information about the campaign, the Interactive Photo Project and the Global Day of Action, please visit


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