The Disproved Accusations of the Russian Drug Czar

Here’s an interesting video from the folks at HCLU. Reporting on the recent decision by Russia’s Federal Drug Control Service to force the shut down of human rights /harm reduction organisation ARF, HCLU managed to get a few questions to the dude causing all the trouble, Viktor Ivanov, head of the FDCS. Shockingly he lies straight to camera and accuses ARF of selling methadone on their website. ARF have decided to sue for defamation. Great stuff -but we feel deeply for the stress and pain our Russian friends are experiencing and sincerely hope the people of their country get a break soon.

HCLU writes…”We attended a press conference of the Russian delegation to the Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND), an annual UN meeting in Vienna, where we asked the Russian drug czar, Mr. Viktor Ivanov, why his Federal Drug Control Service decided to close down the website of the Andrey Rylkov Foundation, an NGO operating the first and only needle and syringe distribution program in Moscow. We promised you to produce a movie about the press conference in which we ask experts to comment Ivanov’s words. Here you go!”

The Disproved Accusations of the Russian Drug Czar.


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