INPUD News on the Move

A injection kit used in harm reduction program...
Image of a basic, extremely effective harm reduction kit proven to prevent the transmission of blood borne viruses like HIV and HCV when used correctly.

INPUD is having a seriously busy few weeks of late – what with the protesting, networking and lobbying that was going on at the Commission on Narcotic Drugs (I’ll find you the best links to that but I’d say start with Drug Reporter (actually written drogriporter – from The Hungarian Civil Liberties Union) with some excellent footage of events – and really – it’s well worth seeing. 

And then to the International Conference on the Reduction of Drug Related Harm, (an International Harm Reduction Assoc convention and Conference Consortium) held in Beruit in a day or so where you will witness (or hear about) some really powerful messaging on harm reduction, heated debates and inspiring discussions, the latest papers, research and fascinating presentations, serious meetings, global networking and friendship making, voices of dissent and outrage and lots of reunions with old chums….and then a bit of drinking, smoking and umm, letting of steam! Wish I was going!

I hope to get some people (at least one for Godssake!) to report back a bit about what went on so fingers crossed we will hear some news from our members.

Meanwhile, I will be in New York representing INPUD at the Civil Society Hearings at the United Nations as things begin to really heat up on the way to the new Political declaration on HIV/AIDS to be ratified at the High Level Meeting – at the UN General Assembly, this June, in New York. So just a bit of stress going on then!

Something cool I can show you is INPUDs first A3 newspaper that Black Poppy press made for INPUD’s members. IHRA is kindly trying to find a way to print it out in Beruit as we speak as it got there at the very last minute so we hope it will be disseminated throughout the IHRA conference (where over 1000 people from around 80 odd countries attend). It will also be very useful to print out around the world at various peer networking events, conferences and meetings etc – a great tool to introduce people to the whys and wherefores of INPUD and its work. If you would like to see it, click here INPUDNewspaper_Vol1_issue2.qxp

If you can, print it off (although it is A3 sized, not sure how that will work? But it certainly could go through a professional printer for around 300 pounds sterling, full colour for at least 1000 copies. And I promise we will work on getting it into other languages as soon as possible)

So theres an update, anyone wants to comment as their blog – please do and ill add it in if thats easier – otherwise just email me.

Good luck everyone, lets move those mountains!

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Freelance writer and journalist for the global drug user press
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