INPUD meets with Law Enforcement Officials

Discussion; law enforcement officials and harm reductionists meeting together

A meeting was held between INPUD and the police – and various representatives from India, Indonisia, Eastern Europe and the UK all who were involved with harm reduction policies within the legal system.

There was much discussion regarding possible co-operation between police and users with regard to positive harm reduction. It was decided to develop an e-list for people to develop a safe avenue of communication.

A paper is currently being developed and as a starting point it will look at 13 English speaking countries and will be looking into their best practice- this can then be used as a discussion starting point for user groups when initiating discussions with police organistations as well as to use that body of knowledge to influence other police officers.

INPUD will keep you posted.
If you are interersted in law enforcement agencies who are against prohibition, you must visit LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition)


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