Dance Drugs and Legal Highs!

Dance Drugs and Legal Highs

(session mon c12)

This session brought to the table a number of issues that have generally been avoided or ignored over the last decade due to the bureaucratic administration in this country pushing their agenda to enforce totalitarianism. The session highlighted how the massive rise in interest and use of the legal high mephadrone has delivered some facts that show us:

people in the UK enjoy getting high which supports Richard Davenports quote “total sobriety in not a natural or primary state of the human mind”

psychonauts prioritise purity and want to be in control of the drugs that they but so that they are not left vulnerable to the exploits of drug dealers.

Prohibition undermines behaviour or tendency towards the use of drugs and increasingly demonstrates to us the criminilisation is not an effective treatment intervention.

40 years on and moral panic continues to have a major influence on how drugs are dealt with by our government.

There is a continued search for the perfect high which is both affordable and relatively risk free.

The media continue to exaggerate facts, distort the truth and blow stories out of all proportion, and in doing so influence decision making around drug policy at the highest levels.

All these factors contributed to the banning of the legal high mephadrone and along with it our opportunity to gather evidence and collate facts, unfortunately all this has done is taken it underground to be managed by those who will adulterate the purity to make more money whilst at the same time increasing health risks. Drug use is the UK is not going to go away and we would benefit from totally revisiting how we are going to work with this popular human condition in a way that both supports and embraces an alternate state of mind by allowing it freedom of


expression and existence. The popularity of Mephadrone use has clearly demonstrated to us that because it was a legal high a large number of main stream society had started to use it recreationally, these same people will now be criminalised along with the rest of us … and for what? Choosing an altered state of mind? Is that surprising in this self medicating, thrill seeking, hedonistic society of ours today?

Mags Maher


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