A fascinating video of INPUD’s incredible journey forward

From Copenhagen 2008 to Liverpool 2010:
This is a video that is really worth seeing, especially for INPUD members, key allies and donors. It is the most detailed account to date of both INPUD’s Organisational Model and its Development Strategy.

The presentation gives anyone with an interest in INPUD a fascinating look at the hard work and effort that is effectively a culmination of over 20 years of activism from people who use drugs from around the world. The need to get those from within the drug using community to play a meaningful role in issues affecting people who use drugs onto the world stage, presented and represented by our own community has been a long haul.
The difficulties and complexities of a rather unique organisation such as INPUD operating on an international level are clearly laid out in this video presentation as are the steps being taken to address these.
Being a part of the solution – and not framed as the problem. The last 3 years.

Many of you will know of the birth of INPUD and its journey from difficult beginnings to Copengahen in 2008. There, the Danish Drug Users Union held an Extraordinary General Meeting of INPUD, which, attended by representatives from over 27 countries gave the first real mandate to a Unity Board to lead INPUD on its development journey – from Copenhagen to Liverpool 2010 (International Harm Reduction Conference – a key meeting opportunity for activists from the drugs world).
This video presentation (in English) lays out in detail INPUD’s new model as an International Organisation, becoming representative of its membership and fit for the world stage to its Development Journey as a young organization moving within a very complex global environment. The presentation was given by Mat Southwell, INPUDs Project Manager to members of the UN family and Global fund.
It provided a key opportunity to pitch the new model and ask UN partners and global fund for support in reaching out to key donors.
This both ‘modern and excellent model ‘ as stated by Mick Mathews from Global Fund at the end of the video presentation culminates in a request from INPUD for ‘basket funding’ which should be gained from a variety of sources , and happily, an ends with an endorsement from Mick Mathews to work at gaining that financial support.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Liverpool (24/05/10) will provide the opportunity in the international calendar of events to fully consult the membership, validate the model and agree on an action plan. We hope everyone will have had an opportunity to see the video model explained here, and be up to date in time for discussion at the IHRA Liverpool conference.
The International Aids Alliance will be fully costing the model put forward.
It is an incredibly complex road to navigate, ensuring an international organization is as fully representative, inclusive and contemporary as it can be . It is clear that a huge amount of experience, discussion, negotiation, vision and leadership from both the activists within the using community and its key allies was critical to this current process. INPUDs board and Project Manager, have made a seemingly impossible task begin to look not only achievable, but fundable as well.
Please pass this link onto any interested parties, in particular in time for the INPUD meeting in Liverpool this April.

Organisational Model & Development Strategy
While 40minutes long there is a much briefer version directly after it (follow the link)

Presentation of INPUD Organisational Model & Development Strategy
Thank you to all the INPUD members, using community and key allies that have helped in the process to improve the health and welfare of people using drugs.
Erin O’Mara

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Freelance writer and journalist for the global drug user press
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