International Remembrance Day 21st July,2009

Remembering the Fallen

21st July; Remembering the Fallen

The names and incidents of the many casualties of the War on Drugs will never really be known.

International Remembrance Day is dedicated to those people, known and unknown, who have died in the war against drugs and drug users. It is a time when the drug using community can remember and pay tribute to our friends and loved ones; for the funerals we couldn’t attend, for the deaths that no one acknowledged, for the moment we never got to say goodbye.

It is to remember those we know, and those we don’t – from our villages, towns and cities across the world. The vast majority of these deaths are not just deaths from drugs, but from the laws of prohibition and the pervasive ignorance and stigma that blindly follows.

July 21st is a Day to Remember.

Those who have died from unregulated, adulterated drugs as a result of today’s black market.

Those who have been criminalized or incarcerated because of their addiction only to overdose upon release;

Those who have died from drug related infections through poverty or discrimination in our hospitals;

To those who die in prisons from disease, violence and the many state sanctioned executions (such as Singapore, Burma and China), or from vigilante death squads like in Thailand and Brazil;

Those who have died from the viruses transmitted due to a Drug War mentality which actively discourages and even criminalizes needle exchange and drug treatment programs such as in the Sweden and Russia.

To those who defy the laws to obtain their medicine or drug of choice, who get caught in the crossfire of heavily armed drug raids or gang wars due to the profit motive of illegal drugs,

To those who give up hope or who gave up the struggle, to those who couldn’t fight anymore. To those who died in poverty, and alone.

July 21st is the day when all across the world,we will carry our torch of dignity and hope and remember our friends.

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Freelance writer and journalist for the global drug user press
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6 Responses to International Remembrance Day 21st July,2009

  1. Lulu Ortega says:

    Hello Matthew:
    this is great idea and is important the world now, remember and wake up, about all lies and terror this hipocrita “war on drugs” show.
    Many people, friends and countrys will be in peace and find the love necessary to stay in this planet.
    I think is important to continue denunce all this massacres, because again start the Afganistan war, control of territories and back in russian hands!!All this pain will be avoid if the goverment be serius and setting to talk about legalicy and legislation of oppio productions, the farmers will be in peace and all this illegal mafia’s business finish, but the top of strategy military power want to mantein this situations. They don’t care nothing about our health o about toxic effbut ect from the sustance, they only care about power and strategy influence,


  2. Lulu Ortega says:

    But may be, today, when many important observater, intellectual and science accademic, declared this war and this aproach is fail. They lost the drugs war, Talebanes back in the power, in Colombia with Uribe the americans mafias have insurance in the business and now they want to have a “free zone” in Honduras, where military corruptions back to control with narcos


  3. inpud says:

    remembering Lorna Price, a beautiful person, kind hearted, thoughtful, sunny and compassionate. The world lost a fabulous women, she was an asset to the world, a beautiful friend, mother, daughter, woman. RIP Lorna Price


  4. Raffi Balian says:

    Hi Matthew,

    It’s great that you have posted this information. The issue was brought up at a COUNTERfit staff meeting and I was embarrassed not to have any information about this day. We are planning to remember this day and I will share this page with my colleagues.

    On an unrelated topic, I am assuming that the Alcohol Intervention ad was already on this page? The kind of Interventions prohibitionist programs are involved in often create the atmosphere where people who use drugs are persecuted and sometimes killed. As such, they are the precursors to the creation of International Remembrance Day

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