Scenarios for Global Drug Use

Scenarios for Global Drug Use & Policing Practices & HIV/AIDS in Eastern Europe/Central Asia.


Jason & Masia at Erin's In London after the meeting

Brief Update: So here we are in London, Masia and Jason have just joined me at my flat to update readers on the last couple of days their meeting. I was really mad that I couldn’t attend but came down with a shocking cold that came on me like a hurricane and that is only just starting to lift! Although you will get a fuller briefing from both Masia and Jason shortly, here is a very brief rundown on what the meeting was about.

Based on a 2 year project, these round table discussions were to examine and identify key factors that will affect the hiv epidemic in the next 25 years, how it relates to drug use and law enforcement issues, as well as what actions should be considered in order to overcome the anticipated problems.

The aim was to envision what universal access – to prevention, treatment, care and support – would mean for postive people who use drugs in 2031. This date is particularly meaningful because it will be 50 years since HIV was first reported – 2031 is supposed to be about not what we should be doing in 2031 – but what we should be doing differently now to change the face of the pandemic by 2031. It is response that involves a whole consortium of partners to create an Agenda for the Future, a document that will be launched late in 2009.

Interestingly, this meeting although quite small, involved a variety of experts from the world of policing, UNODC, UNAIDS, and other areas health, as well as positive people and users of drugs, and focused specifically on global drug use, the policing of groups and certain activities and how this relates to the HIV epidemic.

The workhorse

The workhorse

It was clear, Masia and Jason noted, that we can support INPUD to access and work with these roadmaps to 2031 as we are going to have to start to make law makers and legislators accountable to achieving these goals. Long term inpud can look to 2031 to tie in and support other things we are aiming to achieve such as UNAIDS directives regarding HIV and drug use, plus the UNODC and their drug treatment recommendations/research. It is one more way to find allies, share knowledge and insights, gain skills, lobby and achieve global policy change where its needed.

Jason and Masia leave London today. It was really great to see them. One of the best things about international networks is seeing each other after months or years, and being inspired all over again, and then there’s always the chance to party! But I’m Siiiick! You will hear their thoughts and comments on this, following this blog . If you want to know more about the campaign of 2031 click here

More updates soon, Erin.

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