Calender of Upcoming Events

Please email us any upcoming events – via INPUD or in the comment box below, that could be of interest to the local, regional or international activist community. Let people know what’s happening and help to support, lobby and publicize each others work and cause.





April 25-29th International Harm Reduction Alliance has its 21st conference – a very special one – the first time its been back in the UK to where it started – Liverpool. Be there or be square. UK user activists and worldwide ones such as INPUD and others will be holding special events, get in touch with your offer to help! Only a few months to go!



July 21st July – International Remembrance Day for those who’ve died as a result of drugs/alcohol and the drugs war. To be held in any city, town, country or village around the world you choose. Watch this space for press release before event. See some examples of IRD days on INPUD blog, and follow links for further info.

18 to 23 July 2010.International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2010), to be held in Vienna. INPUD will be there, stay tuned to the blog for updates before and during the week. Covers dates of IRD on 21st July! So, we will HAVE to do something special in Vienna on the 21st – and link it visually and spiritually round the globe.






2011 – for 2011, still record your dates below in comments box and we will add them to the new calender when it flows on from July 2010

3 Responses to Calender of Upcoming Events

  1. Ajay says:

    Respected INPUD
    Please,send me upcoming events.
    With Regards

    • Erin O'Mara says:

      Hi Ajay – please subscribe to INPUDs blog and you should get an idea of whats happening – i will do my best to set up a calender for the next 6 months ahead at the first opportunity

      • Matt Ford says:

        FAO Erin
        Hi Erin – I interviewed you for the Guardian way back in 2006, not sure if you remember? I’m working on something else now, and would be great to have your input – can you contact me as soon as you can, please? fordmat at

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